Project 2 | Dynamic Compositions

Self-Critique Questions

In a Word Processor (MS Word, Google Docs, etc...) answer the questions below:
Does the design include a primary focal point? Where is it located and how is the focal point emphasized? Refer to the rule of thirds and the “How to Create a Focal Point” handout.
Has a Visual Flow been established that activates the entire picture plane? What elements are used to lead the eye around the entire composition?
Does the composition successfully utilize repetition of shape and line? How?
Does the drawing display a confident use of the pitt pens? Does the drawing explore variation in line quality/thickness?
What are the successful AND unsuccessful aspects of your design? Remember that we learn just as much from our failures than from our achievements!
Has the final design been executed in a professional manner? Designs should utilize the designated materials with care, effort, and attention to detail. This includes proper mounting to Bristol Board.


Artwork Documentation

Document the final project (scan or photograph the artwork) at 300ppi and upload it to the corresponding Brightspace Journal.

Writing Assignment

Back to the Word Processor write a paragraph about your artwork based on your the answers to the self-critique questions above. Do not include the actual questions. Use correct grammar and spelling. Refer to the assigned readings, presentations and vocabulary words to help you with proper use of the vocabulary. (150 word minimum.)

As a writing technique, I suggest you answer each question in full. Once you are done, read the answers aloud. Then create connections between the answers to create one full paragraph.

E-Portfolio Notes

I recommend that you type this as a word document and save it before pasting it into the corresponding Blackboard Journal.

Add your writing assignment to the corresponding Blackboard Journal on the same page as the image of your project.

Label both the image and the below writing assignment with the project number and title: Project 1: Dynamic Compositions

Both the image & the writing assignment should be uploaded to the corresponding Blackboard Journal BEFORE the due class!

Take note of when the classroom is open and available for you to use the computers and/or scanners.