Brightspace Entries Objectives

Manage your work digitally.

Scan/photograph, store and organize your work.

Create an electronic portfolio with all the artwork you produced in this class.

Project Development

Below are the projects you will be sharing a picture and a written text analyzing your work.

Project 1: Black & White Shape Compositions
Project 2: Dynamic Compositions
Project 3: Photography, Repetition & Grid
Project 4: Directional Dominance
Project 5: Texture – Midterm
Project 6: Texture – Version 2
Project 7: Value Self-Portrait
Project 8: Color Schemes
Final Project
Exercise 1: Intro to Elements of Design
Exercise 2: Perspective Studies
Exercise 3: Texture Studies
Exercise 4: Color Studies

In Brightspace, under Projects or Exercises, select the corresponding assignments and upload a photograph of the corresponding project/exercise and post the written critique.

Scan or photograph your completed project each week at 300ppi. Documentation of your projects needs to be professional and should only contain your actual design – do not include the wall, thumbtacks, bedspreads, or the floor.

Photographing your artwork

You will also add the assigned writing on this page each week. Writings will be 150 word self critiques on the project you handed in (unless otherwise noted). You will refer to the provided guidelines and your textbook to incorporate design vocabulary learned for the specific project. Label each writing assignment with the project number and name. It is recommended that you first complete this in Microsoft Word and then paste it into your blog, this way you avoid any accidents from occurring! Computers have a funny way of freezing or crashing at the wrong times. All writing should utilize correct spelling and grammar.