Develop visual understanding of the difference between tactile and visual textures.

Develop technical skills to create textures.



Found Objects 3" x 4" Viewfinder or Template Sketchbook HB Pencil Eraser Ruler PITT Pens



1. In your sketchbook use an HB pencil and your 3" x 4" viewfinder or template to draw the borders of six (6) 3" x 4" thumbnail frames.

2. Find a total of six (6) different textures where three (3) of these textures are Tactile (actual textures you feel with your skin) and the other three (3) are Implied (have the illusion of texture). You can use synthetic/man-made objects and/or objects found in nature.
Hint: For implied texture, look for flat objects that have a print on them. Objects must be able to be cut or torn up and pasted to paper as you will use them in Project 5 | Texture.

3. Use the viewfinder over each texture you found and with the PITT pens, emulate/reproduce the design of the texture in the thumbnail frames you created in your sketchbook. Reproduce all the six (6) found textures. in your sketchbook.


Fill the entire 3"×4" frame area with the texture.

Try to re-create the texture to the best of your ability.

Remember to use line proximity and line thickness to create variation in value.

Upload a photo of your texture exercise to your Wordpress portfolio under the title Exercise 4 Texture Studies

Grading Criteria:

Exercise is worth 3 points

Each texture is worth 0.5 pt.

Presentation with Sample Steps | Exercise is Part 1

Exercise 2 | Brightspace