You can earn a total of five (5) extra-credit points on your total final grade by delivering or participating on the following:

Pop-Quizzes | Art Events | Sketchbook

Pop-quizzes 5 points

Two (2) pop quizzes will be given during the semester. Each pop-quiz with 90% or above correct answers is worth two and a half (2.5) extra-credit points.

Art Related Events 2 points

The Art Department regularly offers art exhibitions in the WCC Gallery and field trips to museums and galleries. If you decide to attend one of these WCC events, contact your instructor for an optional extra credit assignment.

Each event is worth half (0.5) point up to two (2) points for four events.

Sketchbook 3 points

Each class you will be assigned a project that includes a sketchbook portion, usually preparatory sketches for your final design. Much of this you will be able to complete in class.
Sketchbooks will be reviewed each class; you must always bring your sketchbook to class.

Keeping up with your sketchbook and bringing it to class is worth up to three (3) extra-credit points.
Possible points are noted in the projects’ descriptions.

Pop-Quizzes | Art Events | Sketchbook