Mon 02/12 Zoom
Lines to Shape & Space | Movement/Rhythm

Last week we critiqued Project 2; were introduced to the Self-evaluation, and saw how grades are presented on Brightspace.

This week we will critique Project 3: Photography, Repetition and Grid and will be introduced to Movement through Project 4 | Directional Dominance.

Homework Due for Class 4

After reading Design Basics: Line pps 128 [Introduction] to 139 [end of Creating Variety & Emphasis post on Blackboard Discussion Board topic: "3. Reading Response | Line" visual examples (Magazines or Internet) of:
1. Actual Lines
2. Implied Lines
3. Psychic Lines
4. Contour Drawing
5. Gesture Drawing
6. Angry Lines
7. Calm Lines
8. Stable Lines
9. Happy Lines
A. Dark Line Technique
B. Explicit Line
C. Lost-and-Found Contour
D. Inherent Line

On your sketchbook or notebook handwrite the definitions for the following words:
Line, Shape, Space, Actual Lines, Implied Lines, Psychic Lines, Curvilinear, Rectilinear, Geometric, Organic/Biomorphic, Complex Shape, Positive Space, Negative Space, Figure, Ground, Background, Concave Shapes, Convex Shapes, Emphasis, Focal Point, Visual Flow, Concept, Critique.
You can find some of the definitions under the link Resources/Vocabulary Words.

Sketchbook | HB Mechanical Pencil | Eraser | Ruler | PITT Pen (Black)

In Class


Vocabulary Words 2

Read, Research & Post to Blackboard 4 | Design Basics: Line

Self-Evaluation First Quarter

Homework for Class 5

Finalize Project 4 | Directional Dominance and post your finalized work and self-critique to Brightspace | Project 4.

After reading Design Basics: Rhythm chapter, and researching what Movement in design is, search the Internet for an artwork that clearly has a strong sense of Movement. Post the image here and write how rhythm and movement in the artwork were accomplished.

Here are some possibilities:
. Changes in direction.
. Changes in darkness or lightness.
. Similar shapes connected with each other.
. Overlapping elements.
. Repetition of elements.

9" x 12" Drawing Paper | 14” x 17” Bristol Board | Sketchbook | HB Mechanical Pencil | Eraser | Ruler | PITT Pen (Black) | Rubber Cement | Viewfinder | 2D Found Textures

Start collecting yogurt and pill containers for painting projects!