HALF TONE - In representational painting the tone of the area on the surface of an object between the lighted side and the shaded side of the object. It is generally that portion of the surface that is parallel with the direction from which the light is coming.
HARD AND SOFT EDGES – If an edge surrounding a shape is clean and clear with definite edges, it is said to be “hard”. If the edge is blurred, it is said to be “soft”. Edge change can add interest to the shapes in a composition.
HARMONY – The pleasing combination of parts the make up a whole composition.*
HIERARCHY – Composition that shows difference in significance between elements; designers can influence the order in which we perceive elements in the composition through contrast and similarity.*
HIGH KEY – when the colors are predominantly in a light value range.
HIGH SATURATION – A very pure or intense color. Also known as Prismatic Colors.
HORIZONTAL – A line or movement traveling from one side of the picture plane to the other side of the picture plane (parallel to the plane of the horizon).
HUE – the name given to a color.
HUE RANGE – Referring to the full spectrum of color.