VALUE – The relative degree of lightness or darkness of a color or surface. Element of Design.UNITY
VALUE PATTERN – The arrangement or organization of values that control compositional movement and create a unifying effect throughout a work or art.
VALUE RANGE – The lightest and darkest areas of value in a particular work. A full/broad range of values extends from white through infinite steps or gradations of grays, all the way to black.*
VALUE SCALE – A range or grays that are presented in a consistent sequence.
VERTICAL – A line or movement traveling from the top of the picture plane to the bottom of the picture plane (at a right angle to the horizon line).
VOLUME – In 2D refers to the appearance of height, width, and depth in a form.*
In 3D refers to the space occupied by an object:
 closed volume – a compact, solid mass; material doesn’t reach into surrounding space
 open volume – more diffuse forms; material reaches into surrounding space